Harry’s Hazardous Day

Harry’s Hazardous DayHarry’s Hazardous Day is a new and engaging approach to workplace examination and hazards training.  The game gives trainers the tools they need to teach good inspection practices, explore worker responsibilities, and hone situational awareness skills.  Harry’s Hazardous Day features a story-driven scenario with realistic environments that change over time and many hazards that workers encounter every day – and some they don’t.

Harry’s Hazardous Day

Intricately detailed worksites feature realistic activities, distractions, and hazards.
The game addresses top MSHA citations:

  • Guarding of moving machine parts
  • Guards removed during operation
  • Damaged, inadequate electrical components/systems
  • Safe travelways to work areas
  • Berms and guardrails
  • Housekeeping and orderly work areas
  • Haulage safety defects
  • Horns and back up alarms
  • Vehicle safety

The game features key capabilities

  • MSHA “Rules to Live By”
  • Team-based play with co-workers
  • Common communication problems
  • Liability – “You see it, you own it”
  • Scenarios for stone, sand, gravel, cement operations
  • Customizable to your workers and site

The game takes place in 3 acts.

Act 1: Plan the job

  • Perform pre-shift inspection
  • ID hazards, flag, report, fix
  • Implement critical controls (future)

Act 2: Do the job

  • User goes through ‘normal’ shift
  • High cognitive overhead tasks
  • Unexpected things happen

Act 3: Return to the job

  • After break (e.g. shift change)
  • Random people introduced
  • New hazards are added

Harry’s Hazardous Day

The game features typical but problematic job tasks

  • Use of Lock Out-Tag Out (LOTO)
  • Working around conveyors
  • Working around mobile equipment
  • Working in parallel with others
  • Using personal protective equipment
  • Distractions: noise, radio, fatigue

Unusual situations or circumstances

  • Shutdowns (conveyors, shakers, collectors)
  • Supervisors, employees filling-in for jobs
  • Employee from different site doing same job
  • Working solo, maintaining routine contact
  • Adverse weather, temperature extremes

Harry’s Hazardous Day

You can opt to have the game fully customized to your site

  • Your needs: Pick & choose training content modules
  • Your people: Put your employees, trainees into game
  • Your site: Put your worksites and equipment into game
  • Your SOP: Custom story based on operating procedures