Supplemental Training on Emergency Preparedness & Response

Supplemental Training on Emergency Preparedness & ResponseGame Attributes

  • Games such as Harry’s Hard Choices (HHC) cover several hazardous conditions and consequences
  • Storyline enriched by additional, compounding subplots
  • A catalyst of the game is its novel trap framework, which provides randomized, event-driven triggers
  • The trap framework allows for a dynamic story structure that can be based on difficulty setting and re-assembled in different configurations (e.g. random frequency and location) each time the game is loaded

Pre-Planning Strategy

  • Training curriculum specifically in emergency preparedness is limited in the mining and other high-risk industries
  • HHC and other games cover several hazardous conditions and consequences, so you can use them as an alternative to lecture or video based topic specific training (i.e. hazard recognition)


  • HHC and other games cannot cover every foreseeable hazard or vulnerability
  • Trainers can deliberately develop curriculum to address the gaps that the games do not cover
  • A training program which is not purely lecture-based. A trainer can use a blended delivery format and use gaming as part of their overall training package