Our Reality-Based Training with serious games engages your workers to learn and live safety on the job every day.

Desert Saber’s PPE Suite of software transforms your work environment into an engaging virtual workplace that reinforces safe practices while your workers have fun overcoming an array of tangible safety issues they could encounter during their normal work regime without exposing them to actual physical harm.

Unlike traditional classroom training courses, workers are exposed to realistic, challenging conditions in a virtual environment and their reactions lead to immediate results, both positive and negative, reinforcing proper reactionary conditioned response where it counts – in the real world.

Research shows that most people only retain 10-50% of material that they receive passively through lectures, readings, or watching videos for training. Workers retain as much as 90% of their training when actively engaged in performing a task or role playing in our Reality-Based Training approach using serious games.

If you want better outcomes then our Reality-Based Training and Evaluation applications are for you.

Our serious games offer:

  • High user engagement
  • Critical thinking in context
  • Communities of practice
  • Behavior and cultural alignment evaluation
  • Improved Time to Competency
  • Leading indicator data for safety and health management systems
  • See into the future – change your 20/20 hindsight of accidents to 20/20 foresight of safe behavior

The reality-based training and assessments deployed by Desert Saber allow organizations to measure the safety and health behaviors, competencies, and cultural alignment of their employees and organization so accidents can be predicted and prevented.

Our Predict-Prevent-Evaluate (PPE) suite of products are the only tools available for fully assessing decision making, behaviors, competencies, and knowledge transfer in the context of a realistic, immersive environment representing your job site.

Our Dynamic Safety ™ Platform features:

  • Immersive – realistic “sandbox” 3D environments
  • Gamification – fun, competitive, randomized
  • Personalized – support for literacy and ESL
  • Modular – customization of sites, SOPs
  • Measurements – integrate evaluation data for all components of Core Safety ® and other safety and health management systems