Preparation for Evacuation Drills

Preparation for DrillsGame Attributes (Harry’s Hard Choices as an example)

  • Covers regulatory requirement of quarterly mine emergency evacuation training & drills
    • Primary and secondary escapeways and lifelines
    • Depicting escape ways on mine maps
    • Locating and donning SCSRs
    • Removing and changing SCSRs at storage caches
    • Location of refuge chambers

Emergency communications triangle

Pre-Planning Strategy

  • The Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) provides a set of guiding principles for exercise programs and uses a building block approach to improve capability
  • Effective planning of exercises and integration of the necessary training will reduce the waste of limited exercise resources and serve to address known shortfalls prior to the conduct of the exercise


  • Games explore the consequences of player decisions and actions
  • They are useful tools for validating plans and procedures or evaluating resource requirements
  • The open, decision-based format of a game can incorporate “what if” questions that expand exercise benefits
  • The consequences of player actions can be either pre-scripted or decided dynamically
  • Identifying critical decision-making points is a major factor in the success of evaluating a game