Driver in Developing Curriculum to Reinforce Competencies

Driver in Developing Curriculum to Reinforce Competencies

Game Attributes

  • Game employs randomized events which affords the user several opportunities to test their knowledge regarding hazards and making decisions which hopefully lead to good outcomes
  • A user will encounter different sequences of events and decision options each time the game is played
  • As a result of this game design, it is plausible to use the games as a pre and post assessment tool to reinforce competencies

Pre-Planning Strategy

  • Step 1: Trainers develop and/or align existing competencies expected by all workers in emergency situations to the storyline elements
  • Step 2: Trainers determine which competencies they wish to test
  • Step 3: Trainer develops curriculum using the competency framework and alignment to the game as the foundation for the topical content area and educational activities


  • Trainees play game at the start of in classroom training, which serves as the baseline competency assessment
  • Trainers implement a short quiz after each classroom educational activities to assess whether core competencies have been met
  • Moving to the next module of an education-based activity is contingent on mastering competencies of the preceding level
  • Employ game as a post-assessment tool to assess change in core competencies after training